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Ghost Ghirls "SPIRITS OF 76" #1

Dave Grohl, Jack Black & Val Kilmer
at Stagg Street Studio

Spirits Of '76 (episodes 11 and 12) were mostly filmed at Stagg Street Studio.   

Ghost Ghirls is produced by Jack Black’s Electric Dynamite for Yahoo! Screen and stars Amanda Lund and Maria Blascucci. The 12-episode web series follows the antics of best friends and paranormal investigators, Heidi and Angelica, as they comically attempt to solve other worldly cases.

"A recording studio is being haunted by a 1970s Southern country rock band, who couldn’t stop fighting long enough to finish their last song. Meanwhile the ghirls argue over the future of their partnership." (Guest Stars: Kate Micucci, Jack Black, Val Kilmer, Dave Grohl, Molly Shannon, Kyle Gass, Kate Micucci)

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